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Find dates from Trujillo Dating including Valera and nearby cities, Trujillo (19 km), Barinitas (65 km), Barinas (87 km), Alto Barinas (90 km), Merida (99 km), Guanare (100 km), El Tocuyo (102 km), Ejido (110 km), Carora (112 km), Lagunillas (114 km), Quibor (127 km), El Vigia (139 km), San Carlos del Zulia (149 km), Cabimas (152 km), Araure (154 km), Acarigua (156 km), Barquisimeto (161 km), Villa Bruzual (162 km), Los Rastrojos (168 km), Santa Rita (169 km), Yaritagua (183 km), Maracaibo (184 km), Chivacoa (208 km), La Fria (218 km), La Villa del Rosario (218 km), San Carlos (224 km), Machiques (228 km), San Juan de Colon (230 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Valera, Trujillo with a Valera center lookup of:
Av Bolivar

Dating Valera

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Date in Valera

There are approximately 272 registered profiles from Valera. Including surrounding areas of Trujillo, Barinitas, Barinas, Alto Barinas, Merida, Guanare, El Tocuyo, Ejido, Carora, Lagunillas, Quibor, El Vigia, San Carlos del Zulia, Cabimas, Araure, Acarigua, Barquisimeto, Villa Bruzual, Los Rastrojos, Santa Rita, Yaritagua, Maracaibo, Chivacoa, La Fria, La Villa del Rosario, San Carlos, Machiques, San Juan de Colon, there are over 17,848 members and growing every day.