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Find dates from Fukui Dating including Takefu and nearby cities, Sabae (6 km), Fukui-shi (18 km), Maruoka (29 km), Ono (29 km), Tsuruga (30 km), Katsuyama (34 km), Mikuni (34 km), Nagahama (58 km), Obama (59 km), Komatsu (61 km), Godo (66 km), Tarui (67 km), Hikone (70 km), Ogaki (72 km), Tsurugi-asahimachi (73 km), Gujo (73 km), Gifu-shi (75 km), Mino (77 km), Nonoichi (79 km), Kasamatsucho (80 km), Kakamigahara (83 km), Kanazawa-shi (85 km), Maizuru (85 km), Omihachiman (86 km), Ichinomiya (87 km), Youkaichi (87 km), Sobue (87 km), Konan (89 km), Inazawa (91 km).

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Date Night Takefu
Results are based on a radius search of Takefu, Fukui with a Takefu center lookup of:
〒915 Fukui-ken
1 Chome−1−1 JR武生駅

Dating Takefu

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Date in Takefu

There are approximately 210 registered profiles from Takefu. Including surrounding areas of Sabae, Fukui-shi, Maruoka, Ono, Tsuruga, Katsuyama, Mikuni, Nagahama, Obama, Komatsu, Godo, Tarui, Hikone, Ogaki, Tsurugi-asahimachi, Gujo, Gifu-shi, Mino, Nonoichi, Kasamatsucho, Kakamigahara, Kanazawa-shi, Maizuru, Omihachiman, Ichinomiya, Youkaichi, Sobue, Konan, Inazawa, there are over 8,861 members and growing every day.