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Find dates from Santa Catarina Dating including Sao Joaquim and nearby cities, Lauro Muller (53 km), Sideropolis (60 km), Lages (64 km), Orleans (64 km), Urussanga (65 km), Forquilhinha (68 km), Criciuma (70 km), Braco do Norte (76 km), Icara (78 km), Gavea (81 km), Morro da Fumaca (82 km), Ararangua (84 km), Correia Pinto (87 km), Anitapolis (90 km), Otacilio Costa (91 km), Tubarao (93 km), Sombrio (94 km), Lagoa (95 km), Jaguaruna (96 km), Vacaria (100 km), Laguna (116 km), Torres (118 km), Rio do Sul (122 km), Imbituba (125 km), Curitibanos (128 km), Santo Amaro da Imperatriz (132 km), Sao Marcos (133 km), Sao Francisco de Paula (142 km), Ibirama (143 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Sao Joaquim, Santa Catarina with a Sao Joaquim center lookup of:
R. Srg. Casemiro Matos
São Joaquim - SC

Dating Sao Joaquim

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Date in Sao Joaquim

There are approximately 42 registered profiles from Sao Joaquim. Including surrounding areas of Lauro Muller, Sideropolis, Lages, Orleans, Urussanga, Forquilhinha, Criciuma, Braco do Norte, Icara, Gavea, Morro da Fumaca, Ararangua, Correia Pinto, Anitapolis, Otacilio Costa, Tubarao, Sombrio, Lagoa, Jaguaruna, Vacaria, Laguna, Torres, Rio do Sul, Imbituba, Curitibanos, Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, Sao Marcos, Sao Francisco de Paula, Ibirama, there are over 2,920 members and growing every day.