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Find dates from Santa Catarina Dating including Itajai and nearby cities, Navegantes (2 km), Balneario Camboriu (9 km), Armacao (15 km), Penha (15 km), Itapema (21 km), Gaspar (28 km), Barra Velha (30 km), Porto Belo (30 km), Brusque (31 km), Tijucas (36 km), Blumenau (39 km), Sao Joao Batista (44 km), Pomerode (53 km), Indaial (56 km), Guaramirim (58 km), Timbo (60 km), Jaragua do Sul (62 km), Biguacu (65 km), Schroeder (68 km), Joinville (69 km), Sao Francisco do Sul (72 km), Morro da Cruz (76 km), Campinas (76 km), Corupa (77 km), Itacorubi (77 km), Santa Monica (77 km), Trindade (77 km), Florianopolis (77 km), Corrego Grande (77 km).

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Itajai Dating
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Date Night Itajai
Results are based on a radius search of Itajai, Santa Catarina with a Itajai center lookup of:
R. Carlos Seara
642 - Vila Operaria
ItajaĆ­ - SC

Dating Itajai

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Date in Itajai

There are approximately 492 registered profiles from Itajai. Including surrounding areas of Navegantes, Balneario Camboriu, Armacao, Penha, Itapema, Gaspar, Barra Velha, Porto Belo, Brusque, Tijucas, Blumenau, Sao Joao Batista, Pomerode, Indaial, Guaramirim, Timbo, Jaragua do Sul, Biguacu, Schroeder, Joinville, Sao Francisco do Sul, Morro da Cruz, Campinas, Corupa, Itacorubi, Santa Monica, Trindade, Florianopolis, Corrego Grande, there are over 5,846 members and growing every day.