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Find dates from Bahia Dating including Xique Xique and nearby cities, Barra (54 km), Irece (109 km), Lapao (115 km), Ibipeba (119 km), Barro Alto (137 km), Canarana (141 km), America Dourada (157 km), Ibotirama (159 km), Oliveira dos Brejinhos (167 km), Cafarnaum (167 km), Morro do Chapeu (189 km), Iraquara (198 km), Sao Raimundo Nonato (201 km), Laje (205 km), Seabra (205 km), Paratinga (212 km), Boquira (222 km), Tapiramuta (239 km), Miguel Calmon (241 km), Macaubas (244 km), Jacobina (244 km), Piritiba (257 km), Pindobacu (257 km), Sobradinho (258 km), Riachao das Neves (260 km), Bom Jesus (264 km), Campo Formoso (265 km), Formosa do Rio Preto (270 km), Mundo Novo (271 km).

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Results are based on a radius search of Xique Xique, Bahia with a Xique Xique center lookup of:
Travessa da Maternidade Travessa Quintino N Filho)
Xique-Xique - BA

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There are approximately 127 registered profiles from Xique Xique. Including surrounding areas of Barra, Irece, Lapao, Ibipeba, Barro Alto, Canarana, America Dourada, Ibotirama, Oliveira dos Brejinhos, Cafarnaum, Morro do Chapeu, Iraquara, Sao Raimundo Nonato, Laje, Seabra, Paratinga, Boquira, Tapiramuta, Miguel Calmon, Macaubas, Jacobina, Piritiba, Pindobacu, Sobradinho, Riachao das Neves, Bom Jesus, Campo Formoso, Formosa do Rio Preto, Mundo Novo, there are over 1,528 members and growing every day.